Its tough when you first start right?! And sometimes even tougher when life gets in the way, progress slows down or stalls and you lose your new workout mojo. Has this happened to you? I can pretty much guarantee that it has because it is super common and I have been there!

So here are 3 things you need to do to stick to your fitness goals

1. Be realistic!

If you have decided you are going to workout 5x per week, get up at the crack of dawn to get it done and cut out all the ‘junk food’ but you have kids, a busy job, struggle with getting enough sleep and your stress levels are high – you are going to crash and burn! Instead, choose something realistic for your schedule and remember that anything is 100% better than nothing. So choose 2 workouts per week, carve out a time that you know you will be able to commit to more often than not and allow yourself to eat all the foods you love in moderation, with an extra side helping of fruit and veg!

2. Show yourself kindness

If you miss a workout or it is interrupted (hello kids, phone calls, partners, work etc etc!) then that is totally OK. Show yourself some love and kindness. One missed workout won’t even make any difference. Remember, showing up consistently is key

3. Make mini milestones and performance goals

It can be pretty tough when you first start out. Everything feels hard work. Eating more nutrient dense food feels hard. Drinking enough water feels hard. Working out feels hard. Not to mention how tired, hungry and sore you feel. If you make a goal that you are going to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks, you are likely going to be disappointed. Weight fluctuations happen every single day and alone, are not an accurate way of measuring your results. They also have nothing to do with performance so whilst you may be increasing strength, muscle mass and overall health markers, this may go unnoticed if you are focusing solely on your weight. Instead think about those performance based goals (increasing your back squat weight, perfecting your form, managing 1 pull up) and celebrate every small win every day. You drank a glass of water…hooray for you! You managed a 10 minute workout…you’re a boss! You added some extra veg to your evening meal…bloody winning mate! Celebrate it ALL! Because these are the little things that add up to make something amazing happen!

Sarah x