So we’ve just had the photos back from our recent photoshoot – EXCITING!

Now that we have the proper photos, we thought it would be about time that we shared with you a little bit from behind the scenes of the shoot.

The photographer, James Jebson (check him out, he’s awesome!) found an amazing location – that, coupled with another location we had in mind, was the perfect foundation for our shoot!

We had our three models lined up – Kurtis, Jess and Georgia. The Hello FIT duo split up; Rich went off to the location with Kurtis, meeting up with the photography team whilst Lise stayed at the Hello Fit Unit in Lytham with local Make Up Artist Kerry Baker prepping and making the girls look and feel amazing.

Kurtis’ shots were taken against a backdrop of an abandoned building covered in graffiti. The girls’ images were taken at an industrial unit. We wanted gritty,  grimy, industrial, urban. We got EXACTLY what we wanted.

In addition to the amazing photographer, we had a videographer – he brought a drone too!

The shoot went amazingly well. The lighting was perfect, the photographer was perfect, the videographer was perfect, the makeup was perfect, the models were perfect…all in all it was, well… perfect!

We can’t wait to show you the images! Okay, here’s a few…