Okay, it’s not exactly the time of year to start thinking about getting fit…but surely you’ve heard the saying, “SUMMER BODIES ARE MADE IN THE WINTER”, right? So it’s time to get thinking.

How many times have you set new fitness goals for yourself only to lose interest in a few weeks?  We all need a little help sometimes.



As trainers ourselves, we sometimes go through the same struggle with motivation as everyone else.  We swear by having a personal trainer, there are some fantastic benefits of working with one.

Listen, personal trainers are NOT just for celebs and athletes!

EVERYONE can benefit from working with a trainer.  Personal training is a personal investment; so invest in your own health and well-being.

Here’s why YOU can achieve more with a Personal Trainer:


Personal training is just that, PERSONAL! We will develop a program that is SPECIFIC to you and your goals. If you want to lose fat, build muscle, climb a mountain, run the Great North Run, have an injury, we can help YOU. The program will be specific to you and only you. You know we’ll hold you accountable to achieving the goals of your program!


Speaking of accountability, we are experts at holding you accountable. You have a set, paid appointment with us and we’ll be there waiting for you with a smile on our face. We can help you to not only develop your goals but to also develop a realistic and achievable plan to attain these goals. We have the ability to believe in you even when you are feeling at your lowest and don’t believe in yourself. Quite simply, the word ‘can’t’ just doesn’t cut it!


You will develop a great relationship with your personal trainer. Your relationship is very personal as not very many people will share your goals or help you to achieve them. Often that hour (or two, or three) a week you spend with your trainer, is the only time in your week that is truly devoted to you and your goals. So be selfish and focus solely on YOU.


Sure, it’s easy to get to the gym and spend 15 minutes on the cross trainer, 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the treadmill…but guess what?YOU’LL GET BORED. We are educated on the most effective ways to help you get to your fitness goals. Whether you’re already a regular gym goear or haven’t worked out in years.


There is an overwhelming amount of fitness, nutrition, and health information available. It is impossible for the average person to have time to sift through this information for what is most valid, accurate and up to date. So that’s where we come in, we filter down that information and provide you with what you need to know. No need to get overwhelmed!



Sorry to say this, but not everyone has your best interest in mind. However, as your trainer, we care about you and your success. Each hour you spend with your us is an hour to focus on you and only you! We will provide consistent feedback to help you better yourself. Most importantly, we don’t judge.


You can watch all the Youtube videos in the world, however this does not substitute having a trainer by your side providing you with what you need to know to improve your form and technique. It is very easy to hurt yourself in the gym. We pay attention!


We will teach you how to use equipment properly so that you do not injure yourself. We will also work with you to prevent injuries in day-to-day life by helping you increase your balance, flexibility, and core strength. If you have suffered an injury, we are able to work with you to safely exercise and get your strength back. An injury as an excuse to not workout!


You will burn more calories in less time when working with a personal trainer.If you are finding it hard to find time to workout, we will develop a program that is efficient and allows you to get the most out of your time. Time does not need to be lost at the gym.

And last but most certainly not least;


Working with a personal trainer will allow you to achieve the results that you cannot achieve on your own. Each person’s goals are personal. Simple.

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