Over the festive period, people may worry about their goals. Should I track my food? Should I complete all my workouts? Will it ruin my progress if I miss a day?

Listen up! It’s Christmas! It happens once per year. It is a time to enjoy your loved ones and to make memories. So here are my top Christmas tips!

  1. Eat what you want! It is one day (or a few if you are enjoy a festive period) but really, not a lot in the grand scheme of life!
  2. Do NOT feel like you need to burn off the extra food you ate or eat less for the rest of the week in order to ‘make up for it’. It’s one day. Move on!
  3. Workout where you can. If your nutrition is going to be more flexible than usual then try to get at least some workouts in. Alternatively, go for a Christmas walk or two!
  4. If you like a tipple, then go right ahead. Did I mention it’s Christmas?! But try to drink water in between to stay hydrated and keep the hangover at bay! Several Christmas nights out plus a next day hangover can soon add up to lots of bad food choices and days away from training
  5. On the days in between Christmas and New Year, try to make more nutrient dense and less calorie dense food choices. Your body will thank you for it!
  6. Enjoy yourself …. It’s Christmas

You won’t remember how many workouts you did or what food you ate for Christmas 2019, but you WILL remember where you were, what you did and the memories you made. Treasure this special time and fit in your nutrition and workouts where it suits YOU and your Christmas.

Have a good one!