We hope you are your family are well and safe. We have been closed for a while now as directed by the government and just wanted to give you a brief update on where we are at with the gym. 

First of all thank you for our support so far. The messages and kindness with your memberships over this period has been amazing and will not go unnoticed. We have lost around 50% of our members so far, but with government support too we have managed to stay a float. The hard bit will be reopening, but everyone is in the same boat.

Gym wise all rooms have been deep cleaned and around 50 members have so far now collected equipment to use at home, we have tried our best to accommodate everyone so we hope in some way you have managed to keep fit with or without equipment. 

Virtual classes remain a huge success. We are averaging around 200 booking a week and with around 31 sessions per week, there is huge variety for everyone. Please get in touch if your membership doesn’t include classes, we can look how to get you set up. You may think that training virtually is not the same, might be a bit awkward or just too different to what you are used to! Don’t worry, the feedback we’ve had from men and women has been great, so good in fact we aim to keep many running if we can once this is over.

Many members have requested plans to carry out at home which we have used our online training software for, if this is something you would like more info on please do get in touch.

Supplements including protein powder, bars and shakes are available for purchase and delivery too.

We are keeping a firm eye on government announcements regarding reopening and the changes we will need to make at Hello Fit to accommodate the new social distancing measures which will be here for a while longer. So far we can only make assumptions but will hopefully have more information this coming Sunday when the big announcement will be made regarding an exit strategy.

What we can expect and plan for is a reduced capacity for members training at one time at the gym. It could be based on sq ft the amount of members in at once. We have a booking system ready to use and luckily as you know, we are not a gym that is packed to the rafters so won’t see a massive restriction here. 

What we can say is that all members that have retained their membership will get priority access when we re open along with retaining their current membership rate. 

Classes could be kept to 50% capacity with markers on the ground to keep to a 2m distance at all times. I believe we can manage this along with the current virtual timetable.

Obviously it goes without saying that increased cleaning will be of high importance and your safety and health will be our top priority.

We thank you all again for keeping our little gym going and look forward to seeing you back soon, it definitely feels much closer to opening now than it did back in March with no end in sight!

Stay safe, 

Rich, Lise and the Hello Fit team.