Little Punches Class – 4-7 years old – 4:30-5pm.

Kids Boxing and Fitness Class ran at Hello Fit – 8-14 years old – 5-5:45pm.

The classes will be ran by ran by certified Hatton Boxing Coach Rick Watkins from First Dojo Academy.

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The classes will be an excellent way to learn discipline and increase fitness levels whilst training in a safe, enjoyable environment.

Join Us

Every Wednesday

Little Punches 4-6 years old – 4:30-5pm

Boxing 8-14 years old –  5-5:45pm

Jiu Jitsu 6-14 years old – 5:45-6:30pm


A taster session is allowed to try the class. Contact directly first to book.

Kids must then sign up for a minimum of 4 classes via a monthly direct debit. This is to ensure attendance to classes in advance so that instructor costs can be covered.

This is a NO CONTRACT agreement, however we would politely ask for advance notice of 2 weeks if you plan to cancel your attendance.

Gloves are required within the first month of starting the boxing classes for hygiene reasons. We can get these for you if required.

Please click here to pay:

Little Punches 4-6 years old

Boxing and Fitness or Jiu Jitsu 8-14 years old


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