It’s nearly time.

Are you ready?

The Hello Fit Online Coaching Community will be coming soon.

In around 2 weeks, it’s yours!

We’ve been buried away (sleepless nights, endless coffees…) working hard on setting this up; a community for anyone and everyone who wishes to know more abut health and fitness.

Find out more here:

So if you get intimidated in a gym, we’re here for you. We can give you guidance and advice, the group are there for moral support, you’ll get exercise and nutrition tips, Q&As, live class streaming – you can have access to it all for a small monthly fee.

If you’re currently an Elite Member of the Hello Fit Unit in Lytham, you will have access to the community as part of your Elite Membership – great right?

Sign yourselves up now!

(Elite Members, we’ll add you automatically)

Any questions?

Let us know!


Lise and Rich