Kettlebells are amazing, so amazing that we’ve added a KettleFIT class three times a week to our timetable. How great is that?!


As Personal Trainers, we are always looking for the best exercises for our clients and our class members. People local to Lytham/ St Annes/ Kirkham/ Wrea Green can come along and try our results driven, focussed classes at  our dedicated fitness unit in Lytham.


The off-centred weight of the kettlebell recruits more muscles in order to help stabilise the weight – therefore being more effective than dumbbells in some isolated movements. 


Did you know that:

  • A workout using kettlebells can burn 20 calories a minute? (only if you put in the right amount of effort – of course)!
  • Your heart rate can get elevated as quickly as it would in a cardio class? So you’re essentially getting strength and cardio training in one!


Should I go on? That’s enough reason to come to a class right?


Let’s give you some more anyway:

  • It can be easy on the joints – most kettlebell movements are fluid movements, which means that your joints don’t take the brunt of it like they can with other exercise.
  • It’s functional! We love functional training, training that enhances your muscular endurance – kettlebells are a great addition to functional training.
  • You will burn more fat! It’s true – you get the metabolism boost from the cardio element, the strength training side builds dense muscle mass (more muscles = more calories burned daily)


Come along to try a class at Hello Fit in Lytham and see what you think.

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Lise and Rich

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