The excitement has only just worn off (as have the tan lines!) for us at Hello Fit. We loved working with Jaffa at the London to Brighton bike ride, did you know it’s Europe’s oldest charity bike ride? A flagship bike ride for The British Heart Foundation and a fantastic event to be a part of – great atmosphere, so much fun!

Being a part of this fantastic event for the British Heart Foundation was excellent – seeing so many people team up for charity; the atmosphere was brilliant. Every rider has helped to fund vital research into heart health. Staying active and eating healthily are two main prevention factors in preventing heart disease – so a 54-mile bike ride with tasty Jaffas provided afterwards is the perfect event for a charity supporting the prevention of heart disease; one of the main causes of death in the UK.

Jaffa’s area on Brighton Beach certainly stood out – the bright orange décor perfectly contrasted against the blue sea to make a prominent end point! On site, we had a giant deckchair, a giant orange (inside which was a freshly squeezed orange juice station – yum!), a Crystal Maze type ball, colouring station, giant Jaffa pong, a bag toss, a bit of a chill zone and a stretching area – Jaffa had SO much going on, they certainly weren’t to be missed! Great fun for both the supporters of the ride as well as the riders!

Stretch it Out.

We were there to ensure the cyclists had a great stretching session afterwards – we had mats out under a marquee to ensure they could get a little bit of shade when stretching (much needed in that sun – not a cloud in sight!) After riding for 54 miles with a bit of a hill climb in 30-degree heat definitely required a deep stretch – as riding for a long period of time causes imbalances in flexibility. We wanted to stretch riders out to reduce the chance of injury and maintain their flexibility. Stretching out after a bike ride eases the tension in your muscles and can help prevent any soreness that you may feel a day or two later.

Of course, post ride isn’t just about the stretching! Nutrients needed replenishing so we were there to give out some incredible fresh orange juice to quench the thirsty riders as well as fabulous juicy Jaffa easy peelers – we gave out a MASSIVE 28,000 easy peelers! TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND!! Wow! Oranges are incredible post exercise; not only are they refreshing after a gruelling cycling in 30-degree heat, but they’re jam-packed with vitamin C, which helps repair muscle damage caused by exercise. We thought Jaffa’s easy peelers would be perfect – sweet, juicy and super refreshing!


It wasn’t just citrus-y goodness that we dished out with Jaffa – but also some incredible prizes. By taking part in various challenges and games in the day, people had the chance to win fantastic goodies – so a massive well done to Charli Dillon-Cambridge who won a £200 Halfords voucher (no excuse not ride next year now right?), to Sarah Lines who won a Nutribullet and to Sukina Gray who won a Fitbit! Great prizes on a great day!


We think the Hello Fit team will be there next year – as riders!