So you’ve managed to start your fitness regime and keep it up for a few months. But in winter the real test arrives!

The darkness draws in and your sofa, dressing gown and a hot chocolate are calling your name. But you’ve not been to the gym all week and it’s Thursday. Maybe you should show your face…but it’s sooooooo cold!

Here is where a bit of motivation would come in handy. But sadly your motivation got up and left as soon as the summer was over.

Well fear not, here are some top tips to help you on your merry way!

  1. Plan it in your diary and take the path of least resistance. If you know you struggle to get up in the morning then planning an early morning session is probably not your best idea once it’s dark and cold too. Maybe pencil it in for after work or even in your lunch break and treat it like another appointment in your work day.
  2. Plan to meet a friend or partner to buddy up with at the gym. You are less likely to give into your excuses if someone else is relying on you too.
  3. Wrap up! Add an extra layer so on your way into and out of the gym you can keep snug and warm.
  4. Do a warm up! You should be doing this anyway but getting a proper warm up and mobility work in before you lift weights will warm your body and get you raring to go (and help prevent injury of course!)
  5. Switch an evening to a weekend if you can, meaning you can head for your workout in the light.
  6. Have a warm drink and/or meal ready to go home to. The sense of satisfaction for getting your workout in and then the delight of wrapping up warm at home with a meal or drink is the best.
  7. Remember that your health and fitness is still important in the winter months. Keeping active during this time will not only help your physical and mental health, once it gets warmer and lighter again you won’t feel like you’re starting all over again.

Hope these tips helped. Let me know if you have any more little gems to help with winter workout motivation. And remember, a little discipline goes a long way because all of our motivation is non-existent sometimes.