A new year, a time to reflect on last year and set new goals. Does the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ thing work? Or are you just setting yourself up for failure? 

First of all, Happy New Year from us at Hello Fit in Lytham! We hope you’ve enjoyed the festive season and are now ready to get back to normality, we hope you enjoyed the over-indulgence but it’s time to stop and think about your body! As personal trainers, we understand the need for balance – hey, we over-indulged ourselves! We enjoyed the festive season with family in Lytham, we backed off the gym a little, we enjoyed great food and great drink.

Ringing in the new year often means the start of BIG goals, BIG plans, BIG resolutions – great – but only if they’re ACTUALLY ACHIEVABLE! Your goals can be as big as you want, as long as you know you can achieve it. (Most people fail, don’t let that be you!)

Some people might say,

“I’ll get up at 6am every day and go for a 5-mile run.”

However, they usually wake up at 8am and are out of the door by half past to rush to work. They’ve not been for a run since PE in High School, yet they expect to run 5 miles EVERY morning at 6am…? It’s highly unlikely that this goal will succeed, the person who’s set that goal will now fail and start to believe that they are a failure.

Don’t be that person! Set goals that align with your lifestyle so that you don’t have to make changes that are too drastic!

It’s much more likely that the person above can agree to set their alarm for 30 mins earlier each day and two to three times a week start with a quick at-home workout – a HIIT workout is an effective fat burning workout that will leave you feeling great all day! Start with something like:

  • Touch Toes – 15 Reps (Touch toes quickly, come right back up and repeat)
  • Lunges – 10 reps/leg
  • Side Lunges – 10 reps each direction
  • Butt Kicks – 25 yards
  • High Knees – 25 yards
  • Arm Circles – 20 reps
  • Trunk Twists – 20 reps
  • Side Bends – 20 reps

Every couple of weeks, increase the intensity, add new exercises, maybe try a run once or twice a week.

See, start small, that’s more achievable. Once you’re used to that routine, tweak it again and so on. After a few months, you’ll see that the changes are actually rather significant!

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Set yourself up for success. 

If you lack motivation, join some classes – classes are a great way to get into exercise without feeling overwhelmed, they’re fun, you’re with other people and the group morale will keep you motivated!

We have introduced new classes at our fitness unit in Lytham, why not come and see what we’re about?

See our timetable here: www.hellofit.co.uk/timetable

Happy New Year, make 2017 a great one!