Ts and Cs

Coaching Community Rules

Welcome to the Hello Fit Online Coaching Community.

As we are a community, we ask that any questions are posted within the group (community or FB page) rather than via a private message to Lise or Rich.

As with the forum, check first to see if your query has already been asked – then there’s no need to duplicate posts.

We will occasionally have a ‘topic of the week’, so let us know in advance of any topics that you would like us to cover.

Every so often, Rich and/ or Lise will complete a live Q & A within the community group, this will be around the weekly topic – so get involved!

Live classes will be streamed via the FB group and can also be watched at a later date. These classes are HIIT format and do not require equipment (dumbbells can be removed and exercises done on a step can be substituted).

We ask that all individuals taking part in the classes ensure they are fit to train; if you are unsure, consult a doctor first.

Nutritional guidance is just that, guidance. We have nutritional qualifications and have put into practice what we teach many times providing excellent results for our clients, but are in no way providing information to replace or substitute what you would or should be receiving from a qualified doctor or practitioner. If in doubt consult a medical specialist before hand.

We hope you enjoy being a part of our community and are successful in becoming a better you!

Forum Rules

This is a place to learn more about exercise, nutrition and how to live your best life. Feel free to post topics on whatever you feel you need answering, just ensure the topics are in the appropriate sections!

  • Please do not duplicate posts – search the threads to see if your query has already been asked
  • Any posts that are duplicated will be removed/ merged
  • Any posts that are posted within the wrong category will be moved
  • Please no foul language!
  • Please respect other forum members and their opinions – if someone believes something different to you, it doesn’t mean that they’re wrong and you’re right!