Virtual Personal Training


We are offering virtual personal training via Zoom with great success! We are able to offer 3 virtual sessions for £59 as an introductory offer so you can experience this style of training with one of our instructors. Just click here –

Our Personal Training sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals and take place in the main gym or in our private unit in Lytham St. Annes.

Before any training begins all individuals receive a complimentary half hour session with a 15 minute consultation where we figure out where you want to be, the timeframe and how we can get you there with the specific training that will work best.

After all, we want to see results as much as you do!

We offer different training options such as 1-1, Couples, Parter, Friend training and also tailored plans such as ‘Bridal Bootcamps’ or ‘Get Fit for Holiday’.

Need reassurance that our training works? Check out our Testimonials.

1-1 Training

1-1 is the most effective way of training as it is solely focused on you and your needs.

Session prices start from £POA if booked individually and last one hour.

Monthly direct debits for 1 or more sessions per week reduce the price considerably.

Please get in touch for accurate pricing tailored to your needs.

Members receive an additional 10% discount on block bookings of 20 or more.

Partner Training

Training with a friend or partner can be motivating and fun! Exercises can be done together and mini challenges incorporated to make the workouts enjoyable.

Sessions cost £POA if booked individually and last one hour.

Block bookings reduce the price considerably.

Get in touch for accurate pricing tailored to your needs.

Members receive an additional 10% discount on block bookings of 20 or more.

Training with 3-4 people?

Contact us directly for a price, the more the merrier (cheaper!).

Tailored Training

We can provide tailored training for a specific goal, target or day that you are working towards such as a wedding or holiday.

Sessions for groups of 3 or more can be carried out making training in a small group private at our unit.

Please contact direct for more information.

Online Training

We have a variety of online programmes for individuals who cannot attend classes in person and would like to workout to a tailored plan in the comfort of their own home, or at a gym of their choice.

Check these out here.

Book Your Training Plan NOW!

For up to date prices and packages for multiple sessions, check here.


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