So what’s it like to be a Personal Trainer in Lytham? To teach fitness classes in Lytham? To own a fitness unit in Lytham? 

Why do people want to start a career in fitness?

Simple, working in fitness gives you the opportunity to inspire and educate people to live healthier, be happier and gives the trainer the ability to make money doing something you love. However, if you think that life as a trainer means you get to work out all day (and get paid to do so) you may want to think again. We regularly hear, “That’s so awesome that you get to work out for a living.” etc – Not true! We’re here to help the people of Lytham get fitter, we don’t really get to work out ourselves in the process! Our job is to educate and motivate our clients, and to be there to support and guide them throughout their health and fitness journey.

Of course, we do need to make time to look after ourselves as we do our clients.


Our fitness unit in Lytham is the perfect place for us to find the time to do both.

Amongst the running of the unit, training clients, planning and running classes…it’s hard to find the time to look after ourselves, but with effective time management, we can make the Hello Fit Unit the perfect place to be able to “work out for a living”!

 In order to enhance our own health and wellness, we employ the same tips that we give our clients; we pack our gym bags and meals the night before, we block out time during the day for our own workout sessions, we even train each other – which keeps our knowledge up too as we continually learn from each other.

So ultimately, we don’t really get to work out for a living. But we do get to help the people of Lytham live a healthier lifestyle through Personal Training and Fitness Classes. The fact that we have our own fitness unit just sweetens the deal that bit more.


So what are you waiting for Lytham? Come to our classes! Come and train with us! Book here: