When you are feeling under the weather it can easily become an excuse to miss a training session. However, this may not always be necessary.

Suffering with a cold? Getting to the gym and doing a workout can often make you feel much better. You aren’t going to be getting any PB’s or having the best workout of your life but just moving your body can help you to have more energy and generally feel better in yourself.

Got a chesty cough? Ear/throat infection or virus? Chances are you will need to give the gym a miss. But only YOU know how you feel. Maybe you are up to going for a walk and getting fresh air? Maybe you are well enough to go for a swim? If you listen hard enough, and practise listening, your body will tell you what it needs. Only you know how you feel so don’t rely on anyone else to tell you if you are well enough to train or not

Suffering with something more serious? Or you really feel super poorly? Then give the workout a miss. You can definitely do more harm than good by training when you are not up to it. You are more prone to injury and are more likely to make yourself worse rather than better. The gym will always be there tomorrow or in a few days when you are ready. Your body is asking for you to rest and recover so it can repair itself and fight off any lingering germs!