Creatine is already present within the body, we absorb it from most animal products, predominantly meat products. The creatine is at its highest level in raw meat, when the meat is cooked the creatine level degrades, meaning that without supplementation it is extremely difficult to absorb the amount of creatine needed for performance enhancing benefits.

When creatine stores are built up they’re many benefits, including the contribution to strength, muscle fullness and power-production. If high creatine levels are maintained over a long-term basis it can also help towards the ability to produce more muscle mass.

The current recommendations for supplementation of creatine monohydrate are:

0.018g/lbs of bodyweight per day OR 0.04g/kg of bodyweight per day

It will take approximately 2-3 weeks of supplementation to build up creatine levels to its maximum, beyond this point the consumption of the same dose will allow the maintenance of that level. Timing of creatine ingestion is not critical, as long as you consume a daily dose you will receive the benefits from the supplement. Creatine loading is not needed, whether it takes you 1 week or 3 weeks to reach the maximum creatine levels, it will not affect the long term gains.

Alex Melrose

PT at Hello Fit