After experiencing many different trainers I felt that I was not finding one that was perfect for me and what I wanted to achieve. I met Rich through work and began training sessions, he understood my goals from day one and assured that I was achieving them. These sessions were the best ones in my whole training routine, Rich never failed to push me to my limits making me feel great after every training session and helping to improve my lifestyle as a whole.

He then introduced me to Lisa who wrote me a full nutrition plan. Again I have had many plans written for me but this one was so realistic and worked together with my training sessions of having a healthy lifestyle and achieving my goals of losing body fat and toning up! I stopped training for a while as I left for my final year of university but I can not wait to start at Hello Fit and get back on track with my exercise and nutrition plan!

I am so glad that I met Lisa and Rich, I had never felt as fit, toned, and healthy before as I did when I was training with them!

Hannah T


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