We would like to announce a few changes and additions to Hello Fit coming soon:

  • We will be adding a class (FITcamp) on Thursday morning at 6:30am taking our total classes per month to over 100.
  • All Elite members will now have access to the newly released Hello Fit Coaching Community – more info here: www.hellofit.co.uk/online-coaching-community
    access here: www.hellofit.co.uk/community
    (If you don’t have access, please let us know and we will add you to the group and forum).
  • Live FIIT classes recorded 3 times a week, usually at 6:30am Mon/Wed/Fri and occasionally 7pm Thursday. These are predominantly for the benefit of the coaching community and members and not visible to anyone else, you will have access to classes that you can watch and do from home. We are aware that some members may not like the idea of being filmed. The focus is on the instructor not the participants.
  • Run club starting May 17th 5:45pm – the first 8 weeks  will be a couch to 5k.

It’s with the above we have decided to review our pricing structure and a partial rebrand of our services coming into effect May 15th.

Our classes, now called focused group training sessions, will cost £5 per individual session.

Monthly Advance Passes are available as outlined below:

  • 8 session pass – £32 (session price – drops to £4)
  • 12 session pass – £42 (session price – drops to £3.50)

Advance passes will allow you pre purchase sessions for a month in advance at a reduced price.

An Elite Membership will cost £35 for current members from May 15th and £45 for new members. This membership will give you the benefits highlighted below:

  • unlimited sessions (this alone will allow a current member to attend over 3 classes a week for less than £2.18 per class)
  • discounted personal training
  • discounted products
  • first access to book sessions
  • first access to Hello Fit events and team away days
  • access to the Hello Fit coaching community
  • access to the Hello Fit Team (gym specific group)
  • 10% off The Health Bar
  • future discounts to be added

The reason we are making the above changes is that we feel we have a unique offering currently not provided by anyone else. Other ‘gyms’  put on classes that occasionally get cancelled, regularly have more than 20 people in attendance and put no emphasis on the individual’s goals and needs – this is not their goal, they provide a one off class for a one off price or membership.

We do not directly compare ourselves to these gyms as we offer so much more.

We pride ourselves on our small group sessions (for less than 12 individuals), so that we can focus on each individual and push each person according to their specific needs.  In addition, our sessions are run by qualified Personal Trainers, not simply class instructors – therefore we are qualified in aiding individual needs; this ensures our focused group training sessions are much more effective and all attendees are helped in progressing their health and fitness inside and outside of Hello Fit.

Current members will need to re-start their memberships, at the new rate of £35, via the website on their individual renewal dates – we will send out personal reminders regarding this. Renewing your membership in this way means that you can continue to enjoy your unlimited access whilst taking advantage of our new offers (highlighted above).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you.

When we started the Hello Fit unit back in September we had no idea how much it would grow and how quickly. We started with many classes having only 1 person attend for the first few months and gradually we have got busier with such a great group of people coming to the classes and making Hello Fit a family and community, not just a place to exercise.

We have lots of plans for the future and hope you can all be a part of it.

Lise and Rich.