Week 1 on Intermittent Fasting

So the first week or the first few days should I say were extremely hard. For someone who is used to eating upwards of 3000 calories a day from the moment I wake up (6-7am) right through until 10pm, adjusting to fitting those calories into a window of 8 hours was difficult, but even harder was skipping breakfast!

For the first couple of days the hunger pains were horrible. I am quite fortunate to say that for a long while now (due to my long term eating habits) I have been able to eat before getting hungry (every 2-3 hours) so the pains were something completely new to me. Drinking water and keeping busy helped a lot and after the first few days I seemed to be able to ignore them.

The best part about the fasting was not having to prepare as much food and being able to pack more in to the three main meals I was eating.

So far after checking the scales on Saturday I have seemed to move from 11.4% BF to 11.3% and muscle mass has stayed the same. Weight has dropped from 75.4kg to 75.1kg. Not a massive change on the fat but I am looking forward to seeing how things progress and whether this new style of eating can take me to my goal of 8% body fat over the next 3-4 weeks.

More posts to come each week…