The real reason you aren’t making progress

So many people come to me with the goal of wanting to lose weight, get fitter, get stronger, get more toned! And so many people struggle. Have you found yourself wondering why you aren’t seeing the progress that you so desperately want? Your weight loss has stalled? You have lost your motivation? Your new diet and exercise regime isn’t working?

There is usually one BIG reason for this…

You aren’t being patient enough! And you’re taking on too much! Ok that was 2, you got a bonus answer!!

You need to understand that you will NOT lose weight every single week, even if you are in a calorie deficit. You will NOT see progress on your lifts every single week, even if you are training hard. Doing more is not necessarily better and motivation will always come and go.

You could choose the hard road. 6 crazy intense workouts per week, cutting out whole food groups and all the foods you love, having little time for recovery, starving yourself, replacing meals with shakes. Yeah, sounds miserable right?! But this is what so many people fall prey to. They totally overhaul their life and not for the better. This is actually far too much and an unnecessary way to lose weight, get fitter, stronger, healthier. But people are sold these methods and due to clever marketing they believe it is the best way to achieve what they want. But it happens time and time again, it is totally unsustainable and one night after a couple of drinks and a kebab, you go into ‘f*ck it’ mode. You don’t care about your diet anymore or getting healthier, it’s rubbish anyway and so you binge, feel guilty the day after and vow to start all over again on Monday. How long are you willing to live your life this way?

Is it not finally time to try another route? Still live your life, be happy AND get the results you want? PATIENCE!

Losing 1lb per week is 52lbs in a year! That is amazing! So instead of trying to lose 6lb per week by choosing some radical diet and lifestyle overhaul, make small changes and take it slow. It will be far more sustainable and far more enjoyable this way. Think about what you can ADD to your life instead of what you need to take away. Add more fruit and veg, add more water, add more movement. After all, an even better result than a smaller body is a healthier body, right? (a smaller body may be a byproduct)

All these small changes will add up to you feeling much better in yourself. Your body will thrive and thank you for it. Adjustments may be small and so may the results but with patience and consistency, they will come and be far easier to maintain in the long term.