We’re committed to making Hello Fit the safest place to exercise. Please review our new rules below and confirm you will do your part to keep the gym as clean and safe as possible.

General Guidance to Follow

Public Health England (PHE) or equivalent posters will be on display informing customers and team members of social distancing and cleanliness/hygiene protocols throughout the facility.

Hello Fit will commit to the wellbeing of their team and customers, and if they show/have any signs of COVID-19 (temperature, cough and difficulty breathing), they will be sent home to follow Government regulations.

Hello Fit will comply with the health designation documentation that the Government implements.

Hand sanitisers will be on offer with new signage to remind members of the new rules.

Hello Fit and their team will ensure that social distancing is adhered to with floor stickers along with the new signage reminding this, further criteria is below for certain areas.

Face masks will not be mandatory for staff, unless their role requires this.

It is down to the individual customer to take reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in physical activity.

Contactless payments are advised where possible.

UKActive Fit Together framework is currently being implemented, for which we will receive a certificate of compliance and we will have a safety plan viewable to anyone in the reception.

For anyone entering the gym, sanitiser will be available and compulsory before entering reception. There will also be a sign in the new seating area on a table with a temperature gun. We expect members to record their temperature before using the gym.


Team members will carry out regular cleaning of high contact touch points throughout the premises.

Members will sanitise hands before entering the gym and again when leaving the gym.

The whole gym will be fogged with EndoSan5 20 Litres 50% Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide every 2 days. This will sterilise everything completely and provide protection for hours and potentially days after use.


An air quality monitor has been purchased and air quality (CO2, particulates etc) will be monitored to confirm there is a consistent flow of oxygen and fresh air across the whole gym.


Covid triage questions will be asked with each class booking via the app so members are prompted to complete a health check before committing to coming to the gym.

5 per class with the instructor is the limit. The space is around 750 sqft, this allows 7.5 people on the new mezz max so we have the potential to increase this slightly if needed.

Equipment is not to be shared and must be thoroughly cleaned after each class. Members can use as much equipment each during the session.

Maintain 2m distance between each class attendee, the easiest way to do this is to stay on one spot which will be marked with tape.

Class attendants to arrive at the gym no earlier than the class start time to eliminate any waiting around.

Classes to finish 5 minutes early to minimise waiting around and allow for cleaning of equipment.

If your class is a ‘hybrid’ class, it will be streamed via zoom as well as taking place in the gym. With only allowing 5 per class we must ensure all members get a chance to train at the gym and maintain their routine with virtual sessions until capacity increases.

Personal Training

Equipment to be cleaned after use. We are providing spray bottles for all members to carry with them in the gym. Please take this with you.

No spotting and maintain social distancing with clients.


1 person per 100 sqft is the guideline by the Government for the number of customers in the building at any one time. Our space with the additional mezzanine is 4200 sqft which gives us an apparent maximum of 42 people in the building at one time. We are limiting gym slots below this initially.

Your session can be any duration even though the slots are currently 1 hour long. If you want to book on time that has already started, i.e. its 10:10am and you want to book to come to the gym at 10:30am please drop us a message and we can manually add you on. The booking system is only temporary and we will see how busy we get.

Only equipment that is 2m apart can be used – what we will do for equipment that is closer together is produce cards that can be placed on a piece of equipment to temporarily place it our of order whilst the machine next to it is used (to facilitate social distancing).

Touch points of equipment should be cleaned after use, this is in addition to the cleaning schedule.

Floor signs reminding of social distancing will be used across the gym.

Gym members will have access to the app and they will be required to book in prior to arriving. Team members in the shop can check this on arrival. 

For those on their first visit back you must have viewed AND signed this new covid guidance.

Please sign below to confirm the above points. Thank you for your cooperation.