A goal is an observable and measurable end result. There may be one or more objectives which are usually completed in a fixed time scale. Having a goal allows you to channel your focus and resources towards an end result and will in turn make you more successful. They allow you to strive for success which generates a sense of purpose and ambition. Once you achieve your goal, you will feel amazing and it will spur you on to make and achieve more!

Your Personal Trainer can help you to make goals that are specific to you. They can include:

●  General health and fitness​ – bone density, injury prevention, recovery, weight loss, cardiovascular fitness

●  Physiological ​- hypertrophy, muscle tone, aerobic and anaerobic fitness

●  Psychological ​- self esteem and confidence, body image

●  Lifestyle​ – smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating patterns

●  Social​ – network, friends

●  Functional ability​ – everyday movements and activities, sports etc

Many of these goals are interrelated, for example losing weight is likely to improve your self confidence and may also increase your cardiovascular fitness, if achieved with a training program SMART goals SMART is an acronym;

S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – realistic
T – timed

It allows us to set goals that are realistic and achievable and much more focused.

We can really clarify what the specific goal is rather than simply ‘lose weight’ – ie how much weight? How can we achieve it? Is it realistic? When do we want to achieve it by?

Breaking it down allows the goal to become clearer and we can set process goals for how we will achieve it.

Short, medium and long term
We can further break down our goals using a time frame. One month, six month and annual reviews will allow the specific goal to be further broken down into achievable sections. Once you achieve the short term goal it will empower you to achieve the next one! Success is addictive!