Being motivated to show up each day for your training session, to eat a balanced, healthy diet and to keep focusing on your goals is tough! Motivation plays a big role in allowing us to achieve, but motivation alone will not get you the results you desire.

When we have it, motivation is great! It spurs you on for one more rep, to choose the healthy option from the menu and to decline that piece of cake or glass of prosecco. The problem with motivation comes, when you lose it! When you can’t be bothered to turn up for your session. When you eat 3 slices of cake!! When you are too tired to even think about the gym!

This is where discipline comes in. NOBODY is motivated all year round! We all have times when we can’t be bothered to train. When we would rather sit in bed and devour a family share bag of crisps! But we use discipline to carry us through.

It is discipline and not motivation that makes people progress the most. Even the top athletes in the world have days where their motivation is lacking and that’s ok! We are all human. Set up a routine. A time of day, set days of the week, where you will train and show up whether you are motivated to or not. Discipline and consistency. That is what will get you results.