When you work out with a friend, the benefits are incredible. Check it out:

Fewer skipped workouts 
Scheduling a session with a friend helps hold you accountable for getting your work-out in. Meeting someone at the gym not only motivates you to show up, but to work hard as well.

Push yourself further
Exercising with another person pushes you to do your workout and do it to the best of your ability. Another bonus – if you work-out with a friend who is stronger or faster than you, you’ll be more likely to test your own limits.

Try new exercises
Going to the gym with a friend is the perfect time to try a new exercise or class. You can both try it together without worrying about standing out like a sore thumb!

Work out longer 
They say time flies when you’re having fun…so enjoy a session with a friend and the class with fly by!

Recover together 
There’s nothing worse than undoing all your hard work at the gym with unhealthy foods. A friend who’s worked up a sweat with you is likely to want to join you for a healthy post-exercise meal or snack.


All of the above are great reasons to work out with a friend, or to make new friends – this is why Hello Fit specialise in group sessions; everyone can hold each other accountable. Not only that, with our new FREE Hello Fit Online Coaching Community, we can all share how we’re getting on with exercise, how we’re feeling pre/post exercise and how we’re getting on with our diet – it’s a great place to feel motivated, to speak with like minded people and to hold each other accountable!

Join our group today – it’s free for anyone! Don’t forget to invite your friends too 🙂 – https://www.facebook.com/groups/601358560057702/

See you there!